Become a Host

We have made it our mission to make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies more accessible locally to the average joe. Our expertise in this field means that we are the ideal partner to bring a machine to your location. No need to stress about hardware issues, securing your network, cash management or regulatory burdens, we have it covered. Here are some of the many reasons you should consider hosting a machine.

Increase Your Revenue

Vendibit partners with locations that host a VTM and shares some of the revenue. Locations can earn additional income for simply having one of our machines take up small floor space at your location.

Increase Foot Traffic

Vendibits VTM’s are posted on a network of websites that allow for potential customers to locate their closest location. This network of customers also translates to a greater exposure and foot traffic potentially increasing your business’ sales.

Support The Community

Having a VTM greatly improves Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption in the local community. Many locations find nearby businesses begin to accept cryptocurrency as payment for their goods and services. Some even start accepting it themselves.

Well, what are you waiting for?...